Atlantic 252 QSL Card

Pictured below is the Alantic 252 QSL card.

A QSL card is a postcard that was sent to listeners to confirm that someone had successfully tuned in to a radio station. Listeners would send us a report detailing when and where they heard our signal, along with some specifics about the broadcast to prove they had heard it.

We would then post them a QSL card in return. This card served as a friendly acknowledgment and a way to say “Yes, you heard us!”

Atlantic 252 QSL Card

QSL cards were often technical in design, and were a cherished keepsake for radio enthusiasts. For our listeners, receiving a QSL card was like getting a stamp of approval for their efforts in picking up our signal, especially if they were tuning in from far away.

The Atlantic 252 QSL card featured the two transmitters used to broadcast our signal on 252kHz, the 1000ft mast, and a picture of Charlie Wolf in Studio 2.