Atlantic 252 - Frequently Asked Questions

What happened To Atlantic 252?

Atlantic 252 closed down in December 2001 after the parent company sold the station to sports station Teamtalk. Teamtalk rebranded the station as “Teamtalk 252” but after 6 months this projected folded and the transmitters were switched off. After a short amount of time, RTE (the Irish State Broadcaster and 25% investor in Atlantic 252) exercised their rights to take over the transmitter for broadcasting RTE Radio 1. RTE turned off the longwave transmitter for good in 2023 and the frequency fell silent. Shortly after, the broadcast mast was demolished, removing the last chance of 252kHz frequency being used again.

What is this I can hear on 252kHz longwave now?

Firstly, we’re impressed that you’ve still got a longwave compatible radio! These are becoming rarer and rarer as time goes on. After RTE turned off the transmitter for good in 2023 the frequency was no longer used. However, Algeria was a co-channel user of the 252kHz frequency and when the conditions are right you can hear french-speaking “Alger ChaĆ®ne 3” from the Tipaza longwave transmitter in the North of the country.

Will Atlantic 252 ever come back?

Not in it’s original form. We’re aware of “tribute” sites and “planned launches” but none of these have been set up by anyone with any tangible connection with Atlantic 252, Radio Tara ltd, RTE or CLT UK Radio.

The only place you can relive the true Atlantic 252 memories, from the actual team who were directly involved in the radio station, is right here on this website. The official Atlantic 252 history project has been in existence since the station closed in 2001.

Are you campaigning for Atlantic 252’s return?

No. We realise the commercial realities of running a radio station would not make it financially viable for Atlantic 252 to return. It existed at a time when commercial radio was sparse, and filled a very specific gap in the market. In the world of digital, there are infinite numbers of stations now playing non-stop pop music in much better quality. Instead we aim to provide a platform for you to remember the best bits of the original Atlantic 252.

I’m looking to work in radio, can I forward you my CV?

We’ve received a number of emails from people wanting to work for Atlantic 252. Whilst we once were 20+years ago, we are no longer a radio station! If you’re looking for work within radio, why not check out Radio Today’s jobs site which is one of the best sources for finding radio vacancies.

Where can I hear former Atlantic 252 presenters on air now?

Click here for a constantly updating list of where former Atlantic 252 presenters are now working.

I’d like to submit my details for the staff database?

If you used to work for Atlantic 252, please do get in contact with us so we can add you to the database of those who were part of the biggest commercial radio station in the UK.

I have another question that’s not answered by this FAQ?

Feel free to contact us.